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Ultra Hal - from Zabaware Inc.

Ultra Hal Assistant is a digital secretary and companion. He (or she depending on your character preference) can remember and remind you of appointments. He can keep an address book, a phone book, and even dial phone numbers.

Bearing no relation to Hal, the teachable chatterbot from Jason Hutchens, Ultra Hal is in all honesty very good. Available in two versions on the Internet, Ultra Hal has his own voice when downloaded to your Windows PC.

The sample conversation below involved Robert Medeksza and Ultra Hal:

Robert:Hi Hal.
Ultra Hal:Hi Robert
Robert:How are you today?
Ultra Hal:I am okay. How about you?
Robert:I'm Fine.
Ultra Hal:That's good.
Robert:What do you want to talk about?
Ultra Hal:Do you like playing computer games?
Ultra Hal:I am very happy to here this.
Ultra Hal:Uhhh, I don't know.
Robert:Why are you happy?
Ultra Hal:How do you know i am? I am trying to be as happy as i can.
Robert:I'm glad your happy.
Ultra Hal:That's good. I'm very happy for you.
Robert:You're a nice guy.
Ultra Hal:Thank you, Robert. I think you're nice also.
Robert:I have a dog.
Ultra Hal:Do you like having a dog?
Robert:Yes. My dog's name is Spot.
Ultra Hal:Really? I learned that your dog's name is Spot.
Robert:Spot is a Dalmation.
Ultra Hal:I learned that Spot is a Dalmation. Your dog's name is Spot.
Robert:Do you know who Spot is?
Ultra Hal:Your dog's name is spot. Spot is a Dalmation.
Robert:Very good, Hal, you're smart.
Ultra Hal:You're too kind and very smart.
Robert:Bye Hal.
Ultra Hal:Bye.

You can either talk to Ultra Hal via the Internet or download a free copy of the program at the Zabaware homepage which is at

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