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Fred by Robby Garner at Robitron Software Research

The FRED's are an on-going experiment to explore Natural Language communications between people and computer programs. In particular, this is a study of conversation between people and ways that a computer program can learn from other people's conversations to make it's own conversations.

Fred Screenshot

There is an element of context within a conversation. The computer has no experiences of its own to begin with. But it does have a library of basic phrases/responses that it can use to interact with humans and, if the humans are willing to teach, new phrases and responses can be learned.

FRED13 can also be trained to carry out commands. He can be instructed to display texts, run programs, or interact with strangers on a BBS. FRED13 can even do the argument routine from Monty Python. A sample conversation is below:

User Tell me Fred, what do you know?
FredI know a little bit about classic Star Trek.
UserOkay then, tell me about classic Star Trek.
FredHave you ever heard of it before?
UserYes, of course I have.
FredOkay. What if we had transporter technology? Wouldn't that be great!
UserCan you give me transporter technology?
FredThey are carried on board the ship. You can't pick them up.
FredI'd like to point of that none of the characters in Star Trek smoked
cigarettes so Roddenberry must have assumed people would
eventually stop smoking.
UserIs that necessarily the case? Could the Enterprise be a non-smoking ship?

Download (427k).

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